Selecting The Optimum T&D Rocker System

Selecting The Optimum T&D Rocker System

For those racers and engine builders endeavoring to squeeze every available ounce of performance from an engine, T&D can provide a rocker arm system configured to optimize any combination. Also, for racers on a budget, T&D offers its SportComp series for many popular cylinder heads made for small and big block Chevy, plus Windsor and Cleveland Ford applications. These come only in a select number of ratios and offsets.

When starting with the proverbial clean sheet of paper, the first choice will be material. For heavily boosted engines that require an ultra-rigid valve train T&D offers machined steel rocker arms that are just a few grams heavier than their standard aluminum equivalent. For those seeking minimum weight, T&D has specially “slotted” rocker arms with an optional tail-cut and aluminum jam nut.

T&D’s strong suit is providing you with a rocker arm system that utilizes the full potential of your cylinder head and camshaft combination. Various rocker arm offsets are available to optimize the valve positions in the head, while the ratio can be tailored to provide valve opening events that take full advantage of the head’s flow characteristics.

There are other options, including needle bearing roller tips to reduce friction and an added passageway to spray oil on the valve springs for cooling purposes (helps maintain desired tension).

However, your best bet will be to discuss your particular application with T&D’s highly experience tech personnel, as they have extensive knowledge as to what setups can produce optimum results.