T&D’s Technical Advantages Help You Win Races!

Selecting The Optimum T&D Rocker System

Rocker arms are the key link between the camshaft and valves. In order to properly transfer —or amplify— the cam’s design characteristics to control the valve opening, rate, lift and closing, T&D’s 40-plus years of high level racing experience and use of contemporary design and engineering technology pays dividends in product superiority. Simply stated, nothing works better than a T&D system. Here’s why:

Key elements of a rocker arm are weight, mass moment of inertia, rigidity and cycle durability. And all these factors must be in concert with one another; a perfect balance. That’s where T&D excels! For optimum performance, a rocker arm system is configured that takes full advantage of your particular engine combination. If a 1.85:1 ratio rocker arm is more advantageous than a 1.80…that’s what you can get from T&D. And the rocker arm’s rigidity maintains valve train geometry.

Overall weight reduction and a lower mass moment of inertia are, of course, critically important in achieving maximum RPM potential and reducing valve train stress. T&D has steel, aluminum and lightened aluminum rocker arms —all designed employing FEA (Finite Element Analysis) technology to best suit your needs.

T&D also takes important steps to assure long-term valve train reliability. For example, shafts are made of deep case-hardened 4130 steel and are typically of a larger diameter than the competition to provide rock-solid stability. Hefty 7/16” diameter adjuster screws with broaching for a big 3/16” hex socket provide more contact area for secure lash settings while also eliminating twisted hex keys.

Internal oil passages channel lubricant from the pushrod cup to the shaft bearings and then to the roller tip. An optional passageway can be employed to provide cooling oil to the valve springs.

As an added feature, all T&D rocker arms are designed to be completely rebuildable and components can be removed without damage to the rocker arm body. This adds to the service life of the system.

All things considered, T&D shaft rocker systems are your best investment in performance and reliability.