Small Block Chevy GM Casting SB2.2 1.750/1.850

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Part#: 209678

Length: 1.750
Ratio: 1.50-2.00
Offset: On Center
Length: 1.850
Ratio: 1.50-2.00
Offset: On Center

Foot Notes

1Most common system for this cylinder head.
2 Other standard offsets available for this cylinder head.
3All required mounting hardware supplied with assembly
5Long fulcrum set available for this application
10Bolt-on assembly, no machine work required
13May require minor clearancing
33Will work with factory valve cover
40Offset lifter required for most applications
41On-center lifter acceptable for most applications
50For use with 5/16” pushrod
51For use with 3/8” pushrod
109 132