T&D Universal Engine BluePrinting kit

The T&D 11030 universal engine blueprinting kit performs the functions of dozens of far more expensive, specialized tools in accurately measuring virtually everything about a performance engine, prior to and after machining. Before T&D’s ingenious universal engine Blueprinter came alone, “Blueprinting” was an expensive, time consuming process. By combining the enclosed components in this kit one can measure crankshaft stroke, piston deck clearance, piston compression height, crank-to-block, deck height, pushrod length, cam lift, connecting rod length and a vast number of other necessary dimensions, so important for a race engine to perform at its best. The T&D Universal Engine Blueprinting kit is a must have for all engine builders. It includes a precision dial indicator. Three extension tips, a bridge, two sets of legs, a special L-shaped fixture, six setup gauges, Allen Bolts and complete instructions and comes in a sturdy foam-lined carrying case

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Part#: 11030

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