I bought a set of T&D rockers used off eBay…

Unfortunately, we don’t recommend this practice. At first, you are sure to think that we just want to make more money and want you to buy a new set but that is not the case. Weekly, we hear sob stories of people that buy what looks like a really good deal on the surface, but by the time the rockers are adapted to their combination they have invested more time and money than if they’d purchased a new set that is designed to fit their cylinder head and application. Just because the rockers are for a small block Chevy/Ford/Dodge, does not mean they are harmonious with every configuration.

Plus, there is absolutely no way to tell just how used or abused a set of rockers is. Ask yourself, would I buy a set of used aluminum connecting rods? Same material, same answer. No.

Often, we hear from a guy who has gotten a real deal on a set of rocker arms from a NASCAR “cup” team – often in the range of $250. And, we’ll tell you the truth, those rockers are the finest money could buy when the set was designed, machined and shipped. But, they are also quite proprietary so they need the cylinder head that went underneath them. We’re sure that a good engine builder can figure out a piston and pushrod length to match up a “cup” head and rocker set to a compatible block. But just a warning, it might not be the easiest process for a novice.

So, while some components can be purchased used in the on-line swap meet of your choice, we don’t recommend this practice for T&D rockers arms.