One answer to a question nearly everyone asks is, yes, even though T&D shaft-mount rocker arms are almost always “bolt-on,” the proper roller tip to valve relationship is critical. A little time and effort during assembly will reap huge benefits. In most cases, included shims will be adequate to reach proper alignment. T&D also builds custom height stands – many variations are on the shelf for immediate delivery. In extreme cases, machining the mounting pads on the cylinder head may be necessary. Never under any circumstances machine the mounting stands, grind reliefs into the rocker bodies, or modify the stands or rockers in any other ways.

Each rocker assembly is shipped with an instruction sheet that details just how to achieve optimum interaction between the roller tip of the rocker arm and the valve stem. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with that instruction sheet. If you cannot understand the basic instructions, please call or email our technical department.