Are T&D rockers re-buildable?

We do offer a rocker inspection and rebuild service. Once we receive the rocker we check them in and put them out for inspection in the rebuild department.

The rockers are completely torn down except the roller tip, cleaned and the bearing bore is checked on a rod hone gage for roundness. When the rockers are originally honed, we know that they are perfectly round. If the bodies measure 0.001”+ out of round we now know that the rocker arm has had some sort of trauma in its life or it is at the
end of its cycle life. In either case, we recommend that the rocker body be replaced.

After the rocker body is checked, all of the rocker components and shafts are inspected under magnification. Parts showing signs of wear are marked an separated from the rest of the components and an inspection sheet is filled out. Once we receive the inspection sheet back the sales department goes over everything and then calls the customer back.

Please keep in mind the time frame on inspections varies depending on season.

Torque specs
SAE Bolts
7/16-14 Bolt 45-50 foot lbs W/O Helicoil
55-60 With Helicoil
3/8-16 Stud & nut 30-35 foot lbs
3/8-16 Bolt 25-30 foot lbs
5/16-24 Stud & nut 18-23 foot lbs
5/16-18 Bolt 18-23 foot lbs
¼-20 Bolt 5-10 foot lbs
***** All studs into head or stand are hand tight with oil no thread lock is needed *****
***** All Torque Values are using standard oil for lubrication ******
Metric Bolts
10mm x 1.25 25-30 foot lbs
8mm x 1.25 18-23 foot lbs
6mm x 1.00 5-10 foot lbs
Rocker Arm Jam Nut
3/8 or 7/16 adjuster thread 20 foot lbs
***** All Torque Values are using standard oil for lubrication ******