Small Block Ford Yates aluminum D3 heads with 1.650 long Rocker

This 7180 set is specifically designed for the small Block Ford Yates D3 aluminum head’s . This set has a 1 piece stand that spans the length of the head.

**** These head are supplied with two different stand bolt patterns *****

The “Yates” pattern measures 2.705″ center to center of the intake to exhaust bolts or 2.340″ inside to inside. for this stand use stand 00716

The “Roush” pattern measure 2.610″ center to center intake to exhaust or 2.245″ inside to inside. for this pattern use stand 00718

Either one of these stands can be substituted into the rocker set at time of order

T&D always recommends measuring for the amount of offset required for your combination

Cylinder Heads

+ Cylinder Head Mfg / Part #: Head type (aftermarket vs OEM). Part #s are often stamped in front / rear of castings.
+ Valve Length: Measured as overall length or + overlenth from OEM dimensions
+ Spring Diameter: Diameter or Mfg part #.
+ Pushrod Diameter: Width measured in thousandths.
+ Lash Caps: If installed on tip of valve stem – yes or no.
+ Rocker Ratios: Intake & Exhaust
+ Head Porting Information: If yes, please include provider name / company to determine alteration of valve spacing.


+ Block Type / Brand: Mfg / Part # (aftermarket vs OEM).
+ Cam Location: Standard or raised on aftermarket blocks for crankshaft clearance.
+ Deck Height: Standard or raised of aftermarket blocks for large displacement applications
+ Cam Type: Hydraulic, Roller or Hydraulic Roller
+ Lobe or Valve Lift: Lobe if rocker ratio is unknown.
+ Lifter Offset: Standard or Offset (Intake and / or Exhaust)
+ Lifter Height: Standard or Tall

+ Spring Oil Hole:
+ Shotpeening:
+ Std or Lightweight:
+ Needle Bearing Tips:
+ Accessories: 
+ Spare Rockers: Quantity needed.